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Overview of Login Options

Employee Remote Access is your online resource for reaching your Fidelity Email, Calendar, Who's Who, and Intranet when you are outside of Fidelity. Because you are accessing secure information, you must first identify yourself as a valid user.

You can identify yourself in two ways:

  1. Logging in with your Fidelity Corporate ID and NetBenefitsSM PIN to access Email, Calendar, Who's Who, and select Fidelity Intranet sites.

    Fidelity Intranet Sites Certified for NetBenefitsSM PIN login*:
    • Fidelity Net@Work
    • Automated Access Request
    • Company News Service
    • eQuest
    • ESD Outline
    • eWorkplace
    • Fidelity Cares
    • Fidelity Facts
    • HRWeb
    • MyCareer@Fidelity
    • MyOfficeAccess
    • New Hire's Success Guide
    • Outlook Web Access
    • PACE
    • PM Reports
    • SDU (Training)
    • What's What
    • Who's Who

    * The sites above have been tested and certified to function properly in Web Access. Additional sites may be accessible with the NetBenefitsSM PIN login, however, Web Access can only guarantee the functionality of sites that have undergone the certification procedure. For more information, please read the Remote Access FAQs.

    To set up or reset your NetBenefitsSM PIN:
    • Go to the NetBenefitsSM PIN Setup/Changes page.
    • Follow the prompts to verify your personal information and enter a new PIN.
    • Note: After making changes to your PIN, you will need to return to Web Access by clicking the back button on your browser or by entering http://access.fidelity.com in the browser location bar.

  2. Logging in with a Hard Token to access Email, Calendar, Who's Who, and all Fidelity Intranet sites.

    To order a Hard Token:
    Hard Tokens can be ordered from the MyOfficeAccess web site. To access this site outside of Fidelity, you must first log in with your Corporate ID and NetBenefitsSM PIN.
    • Select the Corporate ID and NetBenefitsSM PIN login option from the Web Access home page.
    • Once you have logged in, select MyOfficeAccess from the Quick Links Menu at the top of the screen.
    • Follow the instructions on the site to order your token.
    • When you receive your token by mail, you will be able to use the Corporate ID and Hard Token login option.
    When you receive your Hard Token:
    • To use your Hard Token, you must first initialize it and set up a token PIN. Instructions will be provided with your token and are available on the Web Access reference card.
    • After initializing your token, you will be able to log in using your Passcode. Your Passcode consists of your token PIN followed by the code displayed on the Hard Token.

    For more details on logging in with your Hard Token, please refer to the "Logging in with a Hard Token" help page.


FOR EMPLOYEE USE ONLY. Unauthorized access to or use of this system is prohibited.
All access and use may be monitored and recorded.

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